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Home & Student 2016 With the Microsoft Office Home & Student 2016 package Microsoft has... mehr
Produktinformationen "Microsoft Office Home & Student 2016 für PC"

Home & Student 2016

With the Microsoft Office Home & Student 2016 package Microsoft has come up with a perfect solution for students. Of course, the home user, who now and then requires appropriate Office programs, access here easily. First and foremost, however, this office package is aimed at students who want to quickly and easily get tools in their everyday lives that make studying easier. The top priority here is not having to deal with different challenges for hours, but rather to solve the task in question easily and effectively with the respective tool. Therefore, the acquisition costs have been taken to ensure that they are incurred only once and move in a relatively low range.

What features does the Microsoft Office Home & Student 2016 package offer?

The scope of the Office package shows that this is the student version. This target group would like to buy only the tools that they really use at the best possible price. That's why Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, and Microsoft OneNote only contain the programs that are definitely used by nearly 95 percent of the audience.

This is primarily about doing the corresponding tasks in the field of chores with the text program Microsoft Word. This can be the creation of longer texts or even the biggest challenge, namely the bachelor or master thesis. By using the Microsoft Excel tool, it can also be substantiated by a wide variety of tables and evaluations containing numbers, data and facts.

If you need to do some graphic editing or create a presentation, you are welcome to use the tool Microsoft PowerPoint. This can make it possible to create a presentation on a blank page, or you can use one of the ready-made templates that even a layperson's office will be able to create sophisticated presentations.

Last, but not least, this scope of note tool Microsoft OneNote is included. This can also be used in university to quickly and easily note down important items or to create a so-called to-do list.

In short, with the Microsoft Office Home & Student 2016 package, Microsoft is providing an Office collection that's perfect for students, but also for people who want to buy the most important office tools for as little money as possible. The fact that the use of course only with a license key and thus on a system is possible, comes on.

System requirements:

HDD 3 GB of storage space is needed
Processor At least 1 GHz (including SSE2 extension)
Graphics DirectX 10 compatible graphics card
RAM 32-bit version 1 GB, 64-bit version 2 GB (at least)
System Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10
License 1 Product Key
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