Microsoft Windows 10 Professional

Microsoft Windows 10 Professional
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Microsoft wants to make sure that Microsoft Windows 10 Professional in particular, and Windows... more
Product information "Microsoft Windows 10 Professional"

Microsoft wants to make sure that Microsoft Windows 10 Professional in particular, and Windows 10 in general, increase customer satisfaction and user-friendliness. Therefore, Microsoft Windows 10 Professional was created so that not only the home user, but also the company receives a new operating system, which appears completely new at first glance and yet looks somehow familiar on closer inspection. Of course, the main task is to be user-friendly and secure, with an eye to the second point of security. Last but not least, the fact that an operating system for all platforms is provided by Microsoft, shows that the most diverse devices grow together more and an overarching use of advantage.

Why should you use Microsoft Windows 10 Professional?

How Microsoft would express it for you to have fun. Because those who enjoy the fun and enjoyment of a new operating system are more productive and ultimately more effective. This also shows the fact that Microsoft comes up with a completely new browser. Internet Explorer is history and the future is Edge. A more comfortable view of the web pages alone is not the puzzle yet, but with the new multitasking features and the integration of a personal assistant named Cortana, Microsoft shows that working with a Windows machine and using Microsoft Windows 10 Professional can be fun.

The main difference between the Microsoft Windows 10 Professional version and the home version is the ability to create group policies, join domains, and use BitLocker encryption. But that's not all. In addition, the Remote Desktop allows remote access and in the Professional version, a Business Store has been integrated. In this respect, it is precisely these security and management functions that score points. After all, Microsoft Windows 10 Professional is just about to enter the workplace and here it demands even more features and the security aspect is an essential factor.

Which system requirements must be respected?

As usual with Microsoft, the system requirements for using Microsoft Windows 10 Professional are quite limited. As a minimum requirement, only a 1 GHz processor must be present. Of course, the speed of the processor may well be outbid. The memory performance is very low with 1 GB of RAM in the 32-bit version. For the 64-bit version, this also only needs to be doubled, and so 2 GB of RAM must be available there. Even the normal hard disk space is not really large and 20 GB are sufficient for the installation of Microsoft Windows 10 Professional quite. Of course, the hard drives are now so large that there should normally be enough air, as the calculation is done in terabytes rather than gigabytes. The other data are rather negligible. All you need is a graphics card that is DirectX-9 compliant, and a Microsoft account should now be available to anyone using a Microsoft operating system. With the accompanying license, the corresponding Microsoft Windows 10 Professional operating system can be easily installed and activated on a system. Afterwards it is possible to provide this with the necessary and existing updates at any time. Of course, an existing internet connection is necessary.

Vereiste processor 1 GB RAM voor 32-bits; 2 GB voor 64-bits
Vereist geheugen Ten minste 1 GHz (inclusief SSE2-uitbreiding)
Vereiste ruimte op de harde schijf Tot 20 GB beschikbare ruimte op de harde schijf
Vereiste videokaart Internettoegang (mogelijk worden kosten in rekening gebracht)
Vereiste connectiviteit Windows 7, Windows 8 en Windows 10
Overige systeemvereisten Voor sommige functies is een Microsoft-account nodig. Voor het bekijken van dvd's is afzonderlijke afspeelsoftware nodig.
Extra systeemvereisten Je moet akkoord gaan met de meegeleverde licentievoorwaarden, ook terug te vinden via>
Licentie 1 Productcode
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